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“As a natural bodybuilder [Mr. Natural Olympia winner] I depend on Muscle Meals. It’s helped me get in my absolute best, most ripped shape ever!”
“Muscle Meals plays a big part in my X-treme Lean diet. I actually built muscle when my calories were at their lowest point, something many experts say is impossible.”


"I'm 37 and a mother of 2. I've lost 5 lbs of fat and maintained a svelte 115 lbs 5' 5"-frame just after two months on Muscle Meals. But honestly I take Muscle Meals for the incredible shakes I can make using nonfat milk and frozen bananas. I've never felt better and I look great, too!"
—Susan Liston

“I love it! Tastes great, mixes well and is one of the few protein supplements that doesn’t upset my stomach.”
—Jeff Bitman

Scientific Research Says:
It’s Your Combination to

the Muscle Mass Vault!
And It Can Double Your Gains!

You may gain 10 pounds of muscle this year. Wouldn’t 20 pounds of solid size be better? Then listen to this: A 12-week study tested three groups. One followed a low-calorie diet with no exercise. One followed the same low-calorie diet, lifted weights and supplemented with casein protein. And a third group followed the same low-calorie diet and weight-training program, but supplemented with whey protein.

Results: The casein group gained twice as much muscle as the whey group! The whey group gained 4.4 pounds of lean mass, while the casein group packed on 8.8 pounds! (The diet-only group did not show any change in lean mass.) The researchers concluded that the casein group had the greatest lean mass gains because of increased nitrogen retention due to the overall anti-catabolic effects caused by peptide components of the casein.

Bodyfat losses also favored casein: The diet-only group lost 2.5 percent bodyfat, while the whey group lost 4.2 percent bodyfat. The greatest bodyfat losses were experienced by the casein group: a 7 percent bodyfat loss!

Those are the very reasons Muscle Meals meal-replacement packets pack a micellar-casein wallop! But Muscle Meals isn’t just one type of protein; it combines the anti-catabolic long-term effect of micellar casein protein with the short-term anabolic effect of whey protein. And that triggers serious muscle growth and power.

Incidentally, micellar casein is the preferred choice of casein available since production uses the least heat and therefore leaves all the minor protein fractions undamaged. You’ll maintain an anabolic environment while you stop catabolism in its tracks!

Some manufacturers don’t understand the concept of anti-catabolism. Or they just ignore it. They ignore the research that proves the link between casein and anti-catabolism. They ignore the research that demonstrates that anti-catabolism is just as important to muscle growth and repair as anabolism. Their advertisements and labels scream the claim that their product only contains whey protein. They scream about how superior whey protein is to casein (it’s not, as the above study shows).

Oh, and they try to make a case that casein carries more lactose than whey for those who are lactose intolerant… the truth is that most of the lactose is filtered out of both the whey and the casein.

Now, don’t misunderstand me because whey is an awesome source of protein. But combining it with micellar casein gives it a certain synergy that can jack up your muscle growth big time.

All you have to do to “turbo-charge” your metabolism and send it into a fierce fat-burning/muscle-building phase is to up your daily protein intake to about 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight. Get about half from whole food protein such as chicken breasts, turkey, lean red meat and eggs. Get the additional protein from the quality multi-substrate-blended meal replacement Muscle Meals. You’ll rapidly be on your way to a renovated metabolism and building a lean, heavily muscled, shapely physique!

Think of Muscle Meals as a nutritional “smart-bomb” in your battle for a better body. You’ll see loads of muscle-building ingredients on the label, including 40 grams of fresh, high-quality Pro-Fusion protein blend of micellar casein and whey protein concentrates along with egg protein. It’s an advanced, time-released protein blend. Half or a full packet mixed in water between solid-food meals and you’ll get both quickly absorbed and slowly absorbed proteins! That will keep your blood sugar stable to prevent craving and keep the muscle-growth engine in overdrive. There’s more. Muscle Meals is low in carbs, and it contains vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids (EFAs).

Not to mention that Muscle Meals is the best-tasting MRP ever. The delicious taste is a big bonus when you have to feed your body 5 to 6 times a day. A great-tasting meal replacement like Muscle Meals can break up the monotony of your diet. It comes in chocolate, vanilla or creamy orange.

To order your supply of Muscle Meals click below or call 1-800-667-4626 right now. A 20-packet supply is only $36.95 (plus S&H). You can get started RISK FREE! If you’re not completely elated with Muscle-Link’s Muscle Meals, you can get a FULL refund of the purchase price, guaranteed!

Muscle-Link Muscle Meals Meal Replacement
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•Low Carb
•Combination Protein
•Balanced Vitamins
•Balanced Minerals
•Essential Fatty Acids
•No Aspartame
“Muscle Meals keeps me growing and tastes delicious! One packet is the perfect muscle-building snack.”

“I just keep growing and growing with Muscle Meals! It’s the best bodybuilding meal replacement available, and the taste is absolutely addicting.”



As a student I eat irregularly. The great taste and convenience of Muscle Meals make it a whole lot easier. I take it for breakfast and then again after my workouts (2x per day). In four months I lost 4" and dropped a whopping 35 lbs! You KNOW I'm satisfied."
—Mary Gasca

“Muscle Meals is great! I’m pushing 76 years old and I’m a record holder in the bench press. I had a heart attack two years ago, but now I feel fantastic! I’m very happy with these supplements.”
—William Mellow

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